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Making the Cut: Advice for ASDS Fellows from The Experts

Making the Cut: Advice for ASDS Fellows from The Experts

Mentees: Karan Lal, DO & Westley Mori, MD
Mentor: Omer Ibrahim, MD
Project Summary: What are the personal resilience traits that dermatologic surgeons share which have led to their amazing success? This project shares the lessons outside of typical educational curriculum about how to excel as ASDS fellows.
Podcast Description: Making the Cut: Advice for ASDS Fellows from the Experts hosted by West Mori, MD, and Karan Lal, DO, features interviews of notable individuals in the dermatology field offering advice and career lessons for all dermatologists, but can be especially impactful for those in the early stages of their career. How did these leaders make the cut? Tune in to each episode to discover clinical pearls and professional advice that help support their accomplishments.

This podcast was created as part of the ASDS Future Leaders Network (FLN) Program. The mentees would like to share their sincere appreciation to their FLN mentor, Omer Ibrahim, MD, for his guidance and support.

Disclaimer: The information in this podcast and video series is intended to serve as a resource on practices and procedures in dermatologic surgery. It is not intended to be relied upon as medical opinion, nor should it replace the considered judgment of a licensed professional with respect to patients, procedures, or practices. ASDS and the authors make no warranty, guarantee, or other representation, express or implied, with respect to the sufficiency of the publication for any particular purpose.

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